Experienced Concept Developer and Multimediadesigner with personal interests spanning gaming, singing and fiction-writing. Open, unended mind-reeler and an unshakable optimist, who loves to share my energy in friendly, creative environments.

Using my creativity is a favorite passtime of mine. Usually expressed in either designing or fiction writing, but has been known to occassionally be shown in drawings or singing.

I am a team-worker, good at bouncing off others and grabbing the que-balls tossed at me. I believe creativity is born from collaboration.


Graphic Design
Photoshop and InDesign as well as CSS on webpages.
Web & IT
HTML5, General computer and IT usage and IT troubleshooting.
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and planning social media strategies.
Video Production
Recording video and editing in Premiere Pro.
CMS Setup
WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal.


Personal projects
Toying with different designs, logos and writing stories.
I enjoy computer games, board games and roleplaying games equally.
Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories. It's purely personal but I enjoy the challenge of weaving the story together.
I come from a very musical family and have taken singing lessons. Singing is a real passion of mine.
Costume Performing
A subset of my interest in roleplaying and the furry fandom. I own an animal costume and enjoy performing for the joy of others, usually on Strøget, Copenhagen.

What I offer

Concept Development

Focused on bringing ideas and concepts to fruition.

Website Creation and Management

Several years of experience with the creation and management of a variety of websites.

Social Communication

Communication, content marketing and strategizing for social platforms.


Contact me

Phone: +45 22 48 10 90